Hispanic Journalists in Sderot!

Our day started bright and early with a briefing from Ofer Gat. Vice President of EL AL Israel Airline.
Everyone shared their experience of flying here with ELAL and brought up great questions regarding the companies’ routes, safety and security. A great round table discussion to start our day!

We continued on to visit the Bialik Rogozin School for Immigrant Children where we met the principal and children from several various countries. The journalists compared notes of immigration status and problems faced in the USA with the Hispanic community and what Israel is facing with illegal immigration and their children here.

We finished our visit to Tel Aviv with a briefing from the Mayor of Tel Aviv’s economic office, and met face to face with serial entrepreneurs from the young High tech community in Tel Aviv.  We completed our stay with a visit of Migdal Shalom, the public library and a beautiful panoramic view of Tel Aviv from Migdal Shalom.

Our next stop was Sderot where we met with local residents, enjoyed a falafel lunch, played in the rocket proof playground and visited an overlook on the Gaza strip.  We visited the local police station where everyone checked out the qassam rockets. A false alarm at the police station had everyone looking around for cover!

We checked in at the Inbal hotel, and enjoyed a light dinner and heavy conversation relating to bias in the media with Rabbi Shraga Simmons.

Ofer Gat

Left to Right: Ruben Keoseyan, Mary Rabago, Lupita Colmenero, Veronica Herrera, Ofer Gat, Jorge Ferraez, Ruben Navarrette, & Nechama Novack

 Offer Gat, the Vice President of EL AL Israel Airlines, discusses EL AL’s global strategy.


Left to Right: Ruben Navarette, Jorge Ferraez, Veronica Herrera, Rabbi Shraga Simmons, Lupita Colmenero, Ruben Keoseyan & Mary Rabago

Dinner & briefing with Rabbi Shraga Simmons, a foremost expert on media bias. He is the author of a brand-new book, David & Goliath: The explosive inside story of media bias in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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