About Us

America’s Voices website is dedicated to bringing the latest first hand news and updates on your favorite American celebrities in Israel.

America’s Voices in Israel is a pioneering program begun ten years ago to bolster Israel’s image in the United States by bringing traditional media and radio personalities to broadcast live from Israel.  It was re-organized in late 2010 under the leadership of Irwin Katsof and re-launched with a new, bolder approach.  America’s Voices now engages both traditional and “new media” mavens, high profile sports personalities and entertainers, key opinion molders, moderate Muslim leaders, diplomats, and other influential personalities whose first-hand experiences in Israel can provide an antidote to the distortions and misrepresentations about the Jewish state that are increasingly promulgated by those who seek to delegitimize and demonize Israel.

The participants in America’s Voices’ trips are trend setters and opinion molders, who like many Americans, often are unaware that today, the ancient land of the Bible is home to a dynamic, vibrant, multi-cultural society.  Research indicates that they may perceive Israel as an ultra-religious, militaristic intolerant society.   But a visit with America’s Voices dispels these misperceptions by connecting them with Israelis who have used their ingenuity, creativity and indomitable spirit to achieve breakthroughs in science and technology, to innovate in areas as diverse as agricultural and fashion, to become world-class entertainers, cultural figures and artists, and even Nobel Prize winners.   They see that too often “sensational news” of violence and conflict overshadows the real story of Israel: the story of a people whose spirit has helped them overcome enormous odds, who love life, live every day to the fullest and build for a brighter future. They return to the United States feeling at home in modern Israel and primed to share their new understanding of Israeli society with American audiences.

Each America’s Voices group or individual travel itinerary is tailor-made to reflect the interests of the participant and to maximize the trip’s impact.    Visitors tour strategic, religious, cultural and historical sites and meet, and have an opportunity to be briefed by and dialogue with academic and military experts, policy makers and other influential Israelis.  They share their experiences and communicate their enthusiasm in real time to millions of fans, followers and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, radio, television, blogs, and other social and traditional media outlets.  Without exception, those who have traveled with America’s Voices use their respective platforms to speak about their experiences in Israel and have become lasting friends and advocates.

In recent years, well-known entertainers, have become increasingly active, accessible and socially conscious, and have become leading advocates for issues and causes they find compelling.  Younger people, whose opinions are influenced by continuous exposure to those they admire, are a key target audience; as are American’s across the generations, including political leaders and decision-makers, who take note of what high-profile personalities are saying.  Moreover, the ever-evolving world of social media allows us to leverage America’s Voices’ participants’ networks and continues to expand possibilities for connecting Israelis to Americans and others around the globe.  The potential to impact how Israel and Israelis are portrayed in television, on the big screen, in the blogosphere and other public domains that attract the attention of millions is limitless, as is the potential to allow Americans to see Israelis as people much like themselves.

To date this year, America’s Voices participants have included Joel-David Moore, star of the James Cameron blockbuster, Avatar, Lori Loughlin and Greg Germann, long-time stars of TVs hottest shows Full House, Ally McBeal, 90210 and others.  America’s Voices also hosted cast members of Fox’s hit, HOUSE, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and Amber Tamblyn together with the show’s creator, David Shore. Greys Anatomy Kevin McKidd and Sarah Drew, Rookie Blue’s Travis Milne and Gregory Smith and Raising Hope’s Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward also joined us recently. In September, joining us was Kellan Lutz of “Twilight”, Colombian singer Carolina La O, Cuban singer Didier Hernandez and TV and film star Miguel Ferrer.