America’s Voices Hispanic Media Celebrity Mission Arrives in Israel!

A contingent of well-known Hispanic broadcasters and journalist’s including Jose Valle, Alan Tacher, Helen Ferre, Enrique Santos, Cristina Bernal & Enrique Gratas, have arrived in Israel to partake in the next “America’s Voices in Israel” week-long journey across the Holy Land. The group began their trip with an amazing helicopter ride over  the boarders of Israel, accompanied[…]

National Association of Evangelical Leaders in Tel Aviv & Sderot

Day 2 Tuesday morning we visited the famous Rogosin Bialik School in South Tel Aviv. It is the subject of the 2010 Academy award winning documentary film “Strangers No More.” We met with the principal Eli Nechama who explained to us the schools difficult task of integrating immigrant children from 87 different countries, many who[…]

Hispanic Journalists in Sderot!

Our day started bright and early with a briefing from Ofer Gat. Vice President of EL AL Israel Airline. Everyone shared their experience of flying here with ELAL and brought up great questions regarding the companies’ routes, safety and security. A great round table discussion to start our day! We continued on to visit the[…]

Celebrities in Tel Aviv & Sderot

A very powerful second day in Israel for our celebrities: Mary Lynn Rajskub, Justin Chatwin, Austin Nichols and Greg Grunberg. We started with a briefing by Aluf Benn, Editor in Chief of Israel’s daily newspaper “Ha’aretz”. He provided a lot of insights into the geo political and social scene in Israel. We then went to[…]