Celebrities First Day in Israel!

A great first day! Arrived to a beautiful sunny day in Tel Aviv after a great ELAL non-stop flight from Los Angeles.

Joining us on the mission are: Mary Lynn Rajskub.  She is known as Chloe O’Brian on the Fox action-thriller 24. Shuan Sipos is perhaps best known for playing David Breck on The CW series Melrose Place. Greg Grunberg, who is best known for starring as Matt Parkman on the NBC television series Heroes. Justin Chatwin played the son of Tom Cruise’s character in the Steven Spielberg-directed War of the Worlds, a leading role in the 2007 mystery/thriller The Invisible, and Goku in Dragonball Evolution. In 2011, he began playing Steve in the Showtime series Shameless. He has appeared in an episode of the TV-series Weeds, Lost, and Glory Days amongst others. Austin Nichols is perhaps best known for his role as Julian Baker in The CW drama series One Tree Hill.  

We spent the afternoon enjoying the promenade in Tel Aviv and the seaside. This evening was spent at the Black Out Restaurant in Old Jaffa. We ate dinner at the Black Out restaurant in total darkness, where we were served various dishes, by blind waiters and ate in total darkness. When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food sharpens. There is so much to be “seen” when eyes are closed. It was a fascinating and moving experience for everyone.

After dinner, we met a group of blind and deaf actors who were rehearsing for a new play that will be performed by Na’alagat Theatre. The actors discussed their lives as actors and answered the questions posed by the young aspiring deaf and blind actors. It was a very moving and inspirational experience for everyone. Many of the Na’alagat staff and directors and producers were moved to tears by the experience, as were the young and aspiring blind and deaf actors. They felt validated by the visit of such successful Hollywood stars.

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