Celebrities in Israel

Cast of in Israel

Left to Right: Kellan Lutz and mother Karla May Pope, Steve Muller, Elizabeth Much, Lisa Carlson, Jon Carlson, Miguel Ferrer, Lori Ferrer, Carolina Ovalle, and Didier Hernandez


The group has just arrived in Tel Aviv. We are standing outside the beautiful sea side Carlton Hotel after settling in. We are off to the Nalagat Black Out restaurant in Old Jaffa, where we will experience dinner at a restaurant, served totally in the dark, by blind waiters. We will then watch the worlds only theater performance by both blind and deaf actors in an award winning play entitled “By Bread Alone” and then join a group of Israeli actors to compare notes and learn more about Israel, led by Israeli actor Aki Avi.

Didier Hernandez and Carolina La O

Left to Right: Didier Hernandez, Carolina La O

Didier Hernandez and Carolina La O on stage after a moving performance of “Not be Bread Alone” at the Tel Aviv Nalagat Theatre.


Celebrities in Israel

Left to Right: Karla May Pope, Kellan Lutz, one of the stars of "Not by Bread Alone", Carolina La O and Didier Hernandez

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