Hispanic Journalists in Jerusalem!

What an exciting day! We started with a visit to Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem. He shared his goals and hopes for the future of the city.

After, we visited the City of David, an ongoing archeological site where the palace of King David once stood. For lunch we had schwarama and falafel in the Jewish quarter of the Old City.

Then, we went for a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels, exploring the levels built by different civilizations through the centuries. We then met with Rabbi Rabinowitz, Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall. His insights were inspirational.  After a short rest, we had a fascinating and illuminating talk with General Yossi Kuperwasser about military matters in Israel. Dinner was at the Eucalyptus restaurant. Our meal was made with ingredients mentioned in the bible, and was delicious! The guest speaker was David Horovitz, the former editor of The Jerusalem Post, who answered questions about current events in Israel. An exhausting, insightful, educational and illuminating day.


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