Hispanic Journalists Visit Masada & the Dead Sea!

Today we started with a briefing with Dr. Eran Lerman the Deputy National Security Advisor for Foreign Policy and International Affairs. It was enlightening and insightful.

The second briefing was with Jon Medved who gave us a fascinating explanation of Israel as a Start Up Nation.

Then we departed for Masada, a rugged natural fortress, of majestic beauty, in the Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. We couldn’t stay for long because of the wind and rain but it was worth it!

After that we went to a spa near the Dead Sea and had a delicious lunch. It was cold but Jorge was determined to float, and went swimming in the cold waters.

We left the spa and returned to Jerusalem. We had a private screening of  “Inside Israel,” a film recently premiered on PBS about the phenomenal accomplishments of the people of Israel. We then dined at RYU, a restaurant that combines Asian and Israeli foods. Joining us was Raphael Shore, the producer and writer of the film, to answer any of our questions and give us a further understanding of the accomplishments of Israel. Discussion ensued as to how to transfer this to the Hispanic community in the United States.


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