More Highlights from our September/October 2013 Celebrity Mission!

Wednesday we started the day with a drive along the coast to Nimrodi, one of the northern most points in Israel. In Nimrodi, we had lunch with Lilach Ishtar, who served an amazing spread of food and atmosphere.  Lilach’s spirit infected the whole group. We then spent two hours on a jeep tour of the Golan Heights with the Flying Turtle jeep company.  The jeep tour guide Amir blew everyone away as he stopped by various orchards of his kibbutz and picked fresh grapes and pomegranates for the whole group to taste. We got within 2 miles of the Syrian border and watched the civil war in progress. We then went to the Golan Heights winery in Katzrin where we had a wine tasting, learned about how wine is made and met the wonderful people of the winery

On Friday morning we had a briefing on the hi-tech and start up community by Elan Zivotofsky, a partner at OurCrowd, a leading VC fund managing billions in the Israeli start up scene.

We then went to Yad Vashem where we had an extremely emotional tour through the horrors of the Holocaust and ended with a few silent moments in the Hall of Remembrance.

From Yad Vashem, we continued on to the shuk and a short tour of the old Nachalot Neighborhood and all split apart for lunch.

Friday evening we went to a special candle lighting ceremony at the home of Pamela Claman in the Jewish quarter of the old city. Afterwards, the group headed to the Kotel for a traditional Kabbalat Shabbat.

Friday night we had a festive dinner at the Rappaports near the hotel and then strolled back to the hotel.

Saturday morning we drove to Masada and then to the Dead Sea where everyone enjoyed the floating and the stories of Masada.

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