National Association of Evangelicals visit Israel! Days 5-7

Days 5-7

Friday we were briefed by historian Daniel Pipes and then went on a walking tour with guide Hadas Bukai of the Christian religious sites in Jerusalem. Friday night we visited the Great Jerusalem Synagogue and were welcomed warmly by the president. We were then hosted for Sabbath dinner by noted Tel Aviv lawyer, and president of the Great Jerusalem synagogue Zalie Jaffe and his wife Tamar and son Dan El.

Saturday was spent touring the religious Christian sites in the Galilee followed by a beautiful musical farewell to the Sabbath.

Sunday we started the day with a fascinating briefing by Dr. Eran Lerman, Deputy National Security Advisor for Foreign Policy and International Affairs and then by Palestinian journalist Abu Khaled Toameh.

During a briefing w Khaled Abu

During a briefing with Abu Khaled Toameh, Palestinian Journalist


Sunday we had a briefing at the Prime Ministers office by seniors advisor to the Prime Minister, Ron Dermer.

PM Office

At the Prime Ministers office for a meeting with the Prime Minister and his senior advisor Ron Dermer


We were then briefed by Stas Misezhnikov, the Minister of Tourism.

Then we went to the Western Wall Tunnel tours for a fascinating VIP tour of many of the newly excavated areas of the Western Wall.

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